Fluid Applied Roofing and how it started.

Sonny Arwood, the Founder, and CEO of Fluid Applied Roofing started his career as a painting contractor in the late 80s. In 1993 he started transitioning into roof coatings and eventually commercial roofing, including the installation of single-ply and metal roofing systems.

During his career in roof coatings, he noticed a consistent issue with every roof coating product he had installed and that was the use of polyester fabric and/or seam tape as part of the leak-proofing process. This labor-intensive process was subject to installation errors. Even with the best installation, this process was still failing. This led him to search for a better leak-proofing process.

After 20 years of extensive research, Sonny worked with his chemist to co-develop FiberSeal Base™, a product that would change the leak-proofing process forever. This revolutionary product was designed to mitigate the risk of poor installation errors, reduce the labor required, and speed up the leak-proofing process. In addition to changing the leak-proofing process, he also wanted to change the perception in the market which was that a roof coating was nothing more than painting a roof. He introduced the term fluid applied roofing as the new brand identifier and the company Fluid Applied Roofing was born.

FAR System™ by Fluid Applied Roofing, is revolutionizing the roofing industry, bringing new technology into the fluid applied roofing market.