About FiberSeal Base

Years of research has proven that the outdated methods of our competition, utilizing polyester fabric and seam tapes, destroys an existing metal roof. This led us to develop FiberSeal Base, our proprietary, fiber-reinforced, sprayable, leak-proofing product. This labor-saving material eliminates the tedious process of installing polyester fabric and/or seam tape.


Fluid Applied Roofing‘s FAR System™ eliminates the need for roof replacement and helps meet sustainability goals through a reduction in landfill waste. Millions of tons of roofing waste end up in US landfills each year. Discarded roofing comprises about 7% to 10% of total landfill waste. The FAR System™ extends roof life, helping the environment and saves the high costs of tear-off and disposal.

Buildings with cool roofs can help reduce smog levels. In the summer, urban areas become “heat islands” with temperatures much higher than surrounding areas. The higher temperatures result in increased ozone levels and contribute to smog and haze. Installing the FAR System™ on city buildings will help reduce the heat island effect.

Save ENERGY with FAR

The FAR System™ is highly reflective, reducing the roof surface temperature by 50°F – 80°F, allowing less heat transfer into the building, resulting in a substantial reduction in energy cost.

The FAR System™ offers a potential energy reduction of up to 50%.