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A Better Product – by FAR

Roofing Specifiers, we understand that you need to have confidence in the roofing system you specify. Our products are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty and have been tested to meet the highest standards and offer the approvals you want and need.

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Fluid Applied Roofing products provide a seamless, waterproof membrane over the entire roof surface. They are applied in a liquid form and cure to form a durable, seamless, monolithic roofing membrane.

Fluid Applied Roofing products can be applied over a variety of roofing substrates and roofing systems, including metal, built-up roofs, modified bitumen, single-ply membranes, concrete, and asphalt. They can be used as a complete roofing system or as a re-coat or repair material. The benefits of Fluid Applied Roofing products include superior waterproofing, reduced labor costs and improved product warranties.

At Fluid Applied Roofing we offer the only fiber-infused, sprayable, leak-proofing product available in the market. FiberSeal Base™ removes the risk that occurs with installation errors when leak-proofing. Intricate details such as around penetrations, drains, angle changes, and corrugation on a metal roof can be challenging when using polyester fabric and/or seam tape but we have eliminated this risk with our proprietary leak-proofing product FiberSeal Base™.

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A Better Solution – by FAR

Are you ready to use the industries most advanced, durable & cost effective fluid applied roofing system on the market?

Our Signature Product, FiberSeal Base

The FAR System™ includes FiberSeal Base, which is a proprietary, fiber-reinforced, sprayable, leak-proofing product. Our system provides a Faster, Easier & Better process that the roofing industry desperately needs. Outdated methods like seam tape or polyester fabric are labor intensive and proven to not only be ineffective but also damaging to the roof.


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