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A Better Product by FAR® – FiberSeal

Years of research has proven that the outdated methods of our competition, utilizing polyester fabric and seam tapes, actually destroys the existing roof substrate. This led us to develop FiberSeal, our proprietary fiber-reinforced, sprayable leak-proofing product. This labor-saving material eliminates the process of installing polyester fabric and/or seam tape.

Seamless System

All commercial roofs have seams and penetrations, which are where most leaks occur. Most re-roofing options are mechanically attached, creating thousands of new potential leak sources. The FAR System fully adheres to the existing substrate, creating a seamless roof membrane.

Superior Technology

The technology behind Fluid Applied Roofing’s product line is superior to any other fluid applied roof system on the market today. Our hybrid formula offers the benefits of a polyurethane, with the advantages of an acrylic elastomeric product. Our innovative formula is high-solids, quick-curing, and stands up to ponding water better than traditional acrylic elastomeric products.

Fluid Applied Roofing Solutions For

Stop Leaks

90% of all leaks occur at seams around penetrations. Fluid Applied Roofing’s FAR System™ provides a completely seamless membrane that eliminates leaks. If your roof has ponding water, out-dated or failing seams… you need the FAR System™

Save Money

One of the most expensive capital expenditures for any building owner is maintaining the roof. The FAR System is the most cost effective, long term roofing solution on the market today, typically 30-50% less than alternative options.

Maximize Roof Life

Fluid Applied Roofing’s FAR System is a great option for most commercial roof types, extending the life of the existing roof. When maintained properly, a FAR System is the last roof a building owner will ever need, with renewable warranty options of:

Want to find out more about our 10, 15, or 20 year warranties,
call 855.860.2300 to speak with a FAR® warranty specialist.


Rinsable Primer

Designed to remove unwanted grease, dirt, and debris. This ensures proper adhesion of the FAR System™. Simply apply, then rinse with a power washer.

FiberSeal Base

Leak-proofing is made easy with this sprayable, fiber reinforced Polyurethane/Acrylic product. It seals seams and bridges gaps, creating a fully reinforced leak-proof application.

ProCoat Finish

A fast curing Polyurethane/Acrylic product, that creates a durable, seamless, watertight membrane, extending the life of the existing roof substrate.

Standard Colors:

FiberSeal Caulk

Roof repairs are no longer a worry with our technologically advanced FiberSeal Caulk. It has been formulated to bridge larger gaps when repairing leaks.

Rust Primer

When repairing a metal surface, remove the lose rust and apply our fast curing primer.


Fluid Applied Roofing’s FAR System™ eliminates the need for roof replacement and helps meet sustainability goals through a reduction in landfill waste, smog, and energy consumption.
Millions of tons of roofing waste end up in US landfills each year. Discarded roofing comprises about 7% to 10% of landfill waste. The FAR System™ extends roof life, helping the environment and saving the high costs of tear-off and disposal.
Buildings with cool roofs can help reduce smog levels. In the summer, urban areas become “heat islands” with temperatures much higher than surrounding areas. The higher temperatures result in increased ozone levels and contribute to smog and haze. Installing the FAR System™ on city buildings will help reduce the heat island effect

Save ENERGY with FAR®

The FAR System™ offers a potential energy reduction of up to 50%. The FAR System™ is highly reflective, reducing the roof surface temperature by 50°F – 80°F, allowing less heat transfer into the building, resulting in a substantial reduction in energy cost.

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